Scaffold Design using TG20 Scaffold London

Working at Height Regulations state that unless a scaffold is assembled to a recognised standard configuration, TG20 Guidance for tube and fitting scaffolds, the scaffold should be designed by a competent person, to  make sure that it will have enough rigidity, strength and stability while it is put up, used and taken down.

When we make your scaffolding plan, we need you to supply the relevant information to us to make sure that we can design your scaffolding correctly.  This information will  include:

  • site location
  • length of time the scaffold is required
  • what the scaffold will be used for
  • height and length of any building dimensions which could affect the scaffolding
  • amount of boarded lifts
  • maximum working loads
  • maximum number of people using the scaffold
  • access requirements onto the scaffold
  • the possible requirement for sheeting, netting or brickguards
  • any specific requirements for pedestrian walkways?
  • ground conditions supporting the scaffolding structure
  • building dimensions and drawings
  • any restrictions that may affect the erecting or dismantling of the scaffolding

When we supply scaffolding design services, we insist on the standard of TG20 as a minimum.

To find out more about our scaffold design services, get in contact with our helpful team.